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What our customers say
Pi has already helped us achieve a 36% increase in organic traffic YoY. With increased traffic we’ve seen increased sales, giving us significant ROI.
Jennifer Marsh, Hobbycraft
Pi Datametrics has been a key tool in driving alignment between PPC and SEO encouraging a more holistic search strategy.
Anne Tulloch - Head of Digital, Virgin Active
I love the power Pi gives me to target and troubleshoot at the most granular level. My life is easier with Pi!
Chris Lorimer, River Island
The most concise visibility tool on the market with outstanding support. A must have for anyone involved in SEO. 10/10
Joseph Patterson, Add Mustard
We nailed it at Christmas and this was helped by our use of Pi Datametrics.
Zak Edwards MD, PrezzyBox
Pi Datametrics helps us to make data driven decisions to increase traffic, presence and visibility in natural search. It is a valuable digital tool.
Emma Bell - Head of Development BSkyB
There’s nothing out there quite like it
Chris Lake, DueDil, ex-editor of Econsultancy

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Content creation accounts for more than a quarter of all global marketing budgets.

With Pi Datametrics you can optimise your content marketing performance, increase visibility and efficiency.

With better content performance our customers have experienced a significant increase in traffic and sales – globally.

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