SEO visibility analytics

Instantly gauge performance across any brand, over any period

  • SEO visibility analytics dashboard
  • Use your Visibility Index to identify who’s winning and losing across your market and select search term groupings, over the course of the month.

  • Use the Pi Datametrics Position Explorer Chart to compare the performance of multiple sites for a single search term, or a single site across multiple terms. What’s more, view retrospective performance for up to a year, and chart select URLs to focus down your analysis.

  • View the performance of multiple URLs across any search engine globally, using the Pi Datametrics Position Explorer Chart.

 Daily content performance

  • Get immediate, daily insight and identify your brand’s level of SEO visibility across the top 100 returning URLs for any given search term, using the Pi Datametrics Position Explorer Table.
  • Discover where a specific site is ranking for your entire catalogue of search terms.
  • Get a conclusive view of comparative visibility with live visibility scores, targets and compound indexes, showing you the biggest movers and fallers in your industry.
  • Drill-down into your data, and visualise the current and retrospective rankings of multiple competitors, using the Pi Datametrics Position Explorer Chart.

Global adword data

  • Locate worthy search themes based on live market values, including Search Volume, CPC, and Competitive Value.
  • View international adword currencies for any search theme and market globally, based on the latest exchange rates.

Build search value with Pi

Get the platform, the people, and the data to help you prove the value of search.

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