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  • Pi Datametrics SEO reporting GA summary dashboard
  • Pi Datametrics SEO reporting site position summary page
  • Pi Datametrics’ in-app SEO reporting enables you to build an entirely bespoke report out of nine preconfigured, drag-and-drop components, including Google Analytics integration.

  • Get both an aerial and granular view of your performance across multiple markets, in one centralised SEO report.

 Pi Datametrics nine module SEO reports

  • Drag, drop, and assemble your report from a selection of nine preconfigured performance modules, and view your critical data all in one place.
  • Get entirely tailored SEO reporting, at a frequency set by you; from daily, weekly and monthly, through to one-off custom range data.
  • Receive your reports direct to your inbox in a PDF format, and navigate back to the Pi Platform via deep-links to continue exploring your data.
  • Access Pi’s SEO reporting software from any device and view reports live, wherever you are.
  • Set movement thresholds, flagging up any significant position movement as and when it occurs.

– Top-level analytics insight

Integrate your analytics data into your SEO report, and get an overall view of inbound search performance across multiple sites and markets with Pi’s GA summary reporting module.

– Granular analytics insight

Trend significant events, and discover links between organic and commercial performance with integrated Google Analytics charts via the GA advanced reporting component.

– Panoramic industry benchmarking

Chart site-wide, current and retrospective performance across your industry, based on your most important search themes, using the Visibility index summary module.

– Market performance scores

Instantly understand market performance with straightforward visibility scores and movement visualization, available within the Visibility index change summary component.

– Top performer and competitor analysis

Evaluate your relative market dominance against your direct competitors, and achieve digital excellence using Pi’s Competitor discovery feature.

– Thorough market share reports

Pi’s Site position summary enables you to put your market share under the microscope, and unearth your biggest market opportunities by delving into the performance of your key content.

– Content performance overview

Get a top-down view of daily brand performance and movement across your main search themes with Pi’s Search term group position change summary.

– Content performance drill down

Use Pi’s Top position change summary reporting feature to concentrate your analysis on the positive and negative performance of individual search terms.

– Market insight and collaboration

Support company-wide collaboration and decision making by creating insights, tagging recipients and sharing your bespoke SEO reports across teams and tiers, with Pi’s thorough Insights summary.

"Pi Datametrics has reinvented our approach to SEO for the better. We now have the analysis we need to effectively monitor our rankings, and a toolbelt to better improve our on-page content and architectural decision making, not to mention the support of a keen and savvy agency." Paul Carter Online Content Manager, Waterstones

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