Analytics integration

View your most important data and KPIs all in one place

  • GA Summary
  • GA Advanced
  • Tie your organic search in with acquisition, behaviour and conversion data.

  • Incorporate Google Analytics data from multiple accounts to build automated and custom performance reports.

  • Prove the value of your SEO on ROI, and build a business case for future investment.

  • Incorporate Google Analytics data into your automated Pi Datametrics reports to view domain-wide performance.
  • Discover the true value of your organic search strategy on real traffic, revenue and conversions, in one centralised performance index.
  • Replicate any Google Analytics report in Pi using the Google Analytics Advanced module integration.
  • Realise the power of search in comparison with other digital channels.
  • Get purer insight into specific markets and campaigns.
  • Pull thorough landing page reports.
  • Deep-dive into commercial and organic performance across multiple markets, focussing on your chosen three key metrics, using the Google Analytics Advanced integration.
  • Analyse your top-level KPIs across any combination of six key metrics, using the Google Analytics Summary integration.
  • Prove the commercial value of your brand’s content and inform allocation of future resource.

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