Pi Market Intelligence

The bigger picture

  • Pi Market Intelligence - Share of voice
  • Pi Market Intelligence - Organic market value
  • Pi Market Intelligence - Estimated revenue opportunity
  • Discover new players beyond your radar, and their performance breakdown across key search themes.

  • Identify search behaviour, year on year commercial growth and trends across key search categories, to fuel business-wide strategic planning.

  • Visualize any given sites’ search theme revenue performance against its market potential, to identify areas of greatest commercial opportunity.

The bigger picture

Visualize market trends, forecast commercial opportunity and grow your share of voice across your entire market landscape, with interactive Pi MI reports.

Unlimited marketplace evaluation

  • Global search engines and marketplaces
  • Thousands of your most relevant competitors
  • Head to head share of voice analysis

Intuitive competitor benchmarking

  • Unlimited competitor and domain discovery
  • Searchable domain performance

Commercial analysis and forecasting

  • Market landscape snapshots for analyzing past performance
  • Market landscape trend timelines for dictating future strategy
  • The most valuable search themes


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