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Pi’s enterprise SEO software supports any level of performance analysis with daily, global data.

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Our enterprise SEO platform empowers you to achieve the organic brand visibility you need across local and global markets, with decision-driving, brand-agnostic data. Benchmark the performance of any URL every day using comprehensive SEO visibility analytics, discover new advocacy opportunities with backlink data, mitigate risk with daily SEO alerts, and more.

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Discover which search terms and URLs represent the largest proportion of your visibility, using organically harvested big data over the course of weeks and months. With Pi’s SEO rank tracking API, you get complete say over how your raw data is curated and presented – whether that be via a site migration audit, a global visibility report, or embedded into a third party PPC bidding app.

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Get access to Pi’s extensive data, to incorporate within your own products, reports and apps, using our adaptable API. With instant exporting functionality, you can kick-start any campaign and seamlessly mould your data into ongoing digital marketing strategies. Pi’s API’s are all about autonomy and crunching your own data to meet your exact business needs.

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SEO software that works for you

Pi Datametrics SEO software enables you to unlock the value of organic search in your marketing strategy, by providing a collaborative environment for monitoring, diagnosing and sharing global SEO performance data across departments.

The organic opportunity

3.5 million unique searches are conducted on Google every day, and of that, only 7% of searchers click through to a PPC ad. Therefore, 93% of all traffic comes from organic search, and yet investment in PPC is still higher than organic search and SEO software. Organic search presents a huge commercial opportunity. Every element of our SEO software is designed to help you achieve the greatest return from your organic search strategy.

200x more data than other leading SEO platforms

Significantly increase traffic, identify market opportunities and drive sales globally with Pi