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At Pi Datametrics we know that providing a software solution for your business is so much more than just buying the technology. You and your colleagues need to be confident using the platform and assured that you are getting as much business benefit from it as possible.

So that’s why, when you choose Pi Datametrics Platform, you can expect the highest level of support and assistance available to you throughout the lifetime of the solution.

Our services:

Onboarding and training

When you come onboard with Pi, our SEO services team make sure everything’s in place for you to get going straight away.

We’ll match you to specific members of our team based on your exact requirements. They’ll be with you from the very beginning, to help you discover relevant, goal-focussed data within Pi.

Depending on your KPIs, they’ll populate your account with search terms, workspaces, and comparative indexes, so that you’ll have everything in place to begin benchmarking performance straight away.

We even have comprehensive sector insights ready and waiting for you to explore. You can also choose to have extra Strategic Support sessions to enhance your current SEO strategy.

Platform training

We want you to be able to take full advantage of all the great features in the Pi Platform.

That’s why we provide you with thorough product training as part of the onboarding process, showing you how to navigate through the Pi platform and customise your entire dashboard, so that the data you need finds its way to you.

While you may need a hand getting set up, Pi is entirely designed for self-learning and will help you and your team to get to grips with best practice SEO in no time at all.

If you do feel like you ever need more guidance in Pi, you can find our “How To’s” and video tutorials throughout the platform.

Insight analyst

Achieve a greater ROI for organic search and receive invaluable intel on your sites’ performance, during an hour long, twice-monthly screen-share with one of our industry experts.

Prior to your support session, you can determine which KPIs you’d like to focus on. Our Insight Analyst will then prepare four to 10 tailored insights to discuss with you, using the Pi Platform.

You can work with our Insight Analyst to:

  • Collaborate with a fellow search expert to achieve the very best return
  • Create insights based on content strategy, international SEO, keyword research and more
  • Target under-performing assets and mitigate risk (i.e. algorithm updates, cannibalisation etc.)
  • Benchmark your brand against major competitors
  • Define action points to revisit in the following call

Strategic support

Our flexible support packages cover everything from product education to best practice SEO training, and gives you the final say on how immersive your Pi experience should be.

Keyword discovery

Using a range of industry tools matched with Pi Datametrics, our SEO experts will work with you to locate search terms with the strongest overall market value and converting potential.

SEO audits

We can undertake one-time content and technical SEO audits, either focussing on specific areas of your site or covering your entire ecosystem.

Site and content project support

Our dedicated support team can offer their advanced sector and SEO expertise to help you inform strategy when it comes to site migrations, content development, blended search and more.

Data science

Using your data we can conduct comprehensive custom reporting to reveal your true market worth, in comparison to your closest competitors. As a result, we help you to discover your best areas of opportunity and future growth.

SEO strategy development

We’re so confident of our team’s advanced SEO insight that we’re happy to outsource our experts to you if you ever need them. They’ll sit in-house within your team, either for the duration of a project or on an ongoing basis, and will work with you to actualise your business goals.

Best practice training

If you need a top-up of SEO insight, you can request a best practice SEO training session at any time. We always have our fingers on the pulse of SEO so we can deliver focussed, current and most of all engaging workshop sessions, on your request.

Pi Datametrics SEO services

Achieve a greater ROI for organic search and receive invaluable intel on your sites’ performance with Pi Datametrics' comprehensive strategic support packages.

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