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At Pi Datametrics we know that providing a software solution for your business is so much more than just buying the technology. You and your colleagues need to be confident using the platform and assured that you are getting as much business benefit from it as possible.

So that’s why, when you choose Pi’s SEO Software Suite, you can expect the highest level of support and assistance available to you throughout the lifetime of the solution.

Our services:

Pi onboarding

When you come onboard with Pi, we’ll match you to specific members of our Support and Solutions teams, based on your exact requirements. They’ll assist you with anything from goal-focused data segmentation, to quota allocation and product training, ensuring that your Pi environment is built around your objectives.

Get going straightaway with KPI-focused data

  • Pre-populated account
  • Workspace organized queries, providing easy-access to personalized, KPI-driven data
  • Dedicated Support and Solutions account managers
  • Competitor benchmarking insights generated upon setup
  • Platform education and navigation support

Platform training

We want you to be able to take full advantage of all the great features in the Pi Platform.

That’s why we provide you with thorough product training as part of the onboarding process, showing you how to navigate through the Pi platform and customise your entire dashboard, so that the data you need finds its way to you.

While you may need a hand getting set up, Pi is entirely designed for self-learning and will help you and your team to get to grips with best practice SEO in no time at all.

If you do feel like you ever need more guidance in Pi, you can find our “How To’s” and video tutorials throughout the platform.

Pi analyst program

The Pi analyst program navigates you through your data, enabling you to identify insights, align performance with objectives, and actualize your digital potential. We’ll work with you to recap on the progress of your pre-established goals and targets during screenshare sessions.

Dictate strategy with objective-focused insight

  • Current performance assessed against established objectives
  • Digital asset performance benchmarked against direct competitors
  • Underperforming assets targeted and risk mitigated (i.e. cannibalization)
  • Subjects agreed upon to revisit in following session

Pi projects

Our dedicated project team can offer their advanced and data-rich digital expertise to help you forge best practice, sustainable business strategies across single or multiple projects. We’ll navigate you through your entire commercial calendar, from product releases to targeted campaigns, to enable bespoke, workable and interconnected strategies.

SEO strategy

We analyze your performance, provide strategic guidance, and ensure your digital planning serves your wider business objectives. We’re on hand whenever you require qualitative, actionable support for honing digital strategy and improving performance in your arena.

Website build consultancy

Pi’s data forms the cornerstone of any web design and build process, enabling innovative solutions which align your build with your business’ KPIs. Using Pi’s intelligence, we assess your opportunities, upcycle working competitor formulas, and build the most appropriate scaffolding for sustained digital performance.

Keyword research

Focus your strategy on the content that drives the most value to your business, with Pi’s comprehensive keyword research. We draw upon a range of sources, both from within the Pi Datametrics solution and across the entire search landscape, to locate your most relevant keywords with the strongest overall market opportunity.

Technical SEO audit

Our technical SEO audits are designed to help you get the most from your website, through objective-based recommendations. We use your search performance data as the critical element to target sub-optimal performance and remove the barriers to achieving growth.

Content and off-site SEO audit

Our experts apply their wealth of organic search intelligence to your entire digital infrastructure; assessing relative levels of visibility, theming and audience engagement. The outcome provides comprehensive insight into areas of content creation, to elevate you above your competitors.

Website migration

Your business’ website is one of its most valuable assets. Our migration strategy is designed to retain that equity throughout website rebuilds and re-platforming. This, combined with data and insights from the Pi Platform, enables you to mitigate risk, ensure business continuity and achieve the best possible foundation for continued growth.

Pi Datametrics SEO services

Achieve a greater ROI for organic search and receive invaluable intel on your sites’ performance with Pi Datametrics' comprehensive strategic support packages.

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