Organic value score

Pi’s Organic Value Score is a proprietary equation that our data scientists have developed to help businesses assign value to visibility.

The Organic Value Score significantly demystifies the value of organic search and its contribution to bottom line profits.

How does the Organic Value Score work?

We all know that search volume isn’t the only indicating factor of search term value.

We also know that looking at content in isolation can often be an inefficient way of monitoring performance.

The Organic Value Score’s data inputs include, but are not limited to:

  • Cost per click
  • Competition value
  • Search volumes

… across groups of search terms. This enables digital teams to assign individual value to visibility.

Why is the Organic Value Score useful?

This business intelligence formula highlights the importance for investment in

It empowers digital teams to communicate value to multiple stakeholders within the business – including those without explicit technical SEO knowledge.

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