Global SEO coverage

We’ve been collecting our own data since 2004 to bring you fully formed, global SEO coverage.

With the sheer scale and depth of Pi Datametrics SEO data you can track:

  • Any search engine
  • Any competitor
  • Any location
  • Any language
  • Any URL
  • Every day

Global SEO coverage

Apply global-scale SEO, and audit the performance of your digital ecosystem across nations, with the ability to track in any country and search engine. Our compound indexes allow you to monitor and compare the same groups of key terms across separate nations.

Image SEO tracking

Realise the power of image optimisation for greater search presence, with Google image tracking.

Multi-device SEO tracking

Discover the visibility of your assets across any device, and monitor your sites’ relative level of mobile optimisation.

YouTube SEO tracking

YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world, yet 53% of its videos have fewer than 500 views. There’s no doubt that your audience is there, but how do you get them to view your content?

Pi’s enterprise SEO platform tracks any search engine, and YouTube is no exception. With daily access to the top 100 returning videos and channels, across multiple terms in multiple markets you can…

  • Analyse performance and boost the visibility of any video or channel
  • Get to grips with real YouTube SEO ranking factors and algorithms
  • Source influential vloggers to promote your brand and outreach campaigns
  • Benchmark your content against your competitors

Daily SEO tracking and alerts

Pi Datametrics intuits your needs with crisis-averting, daily SEO tracking, meaning speedier reactivity and no downtime. Get daily SEO alerts to your inbox, flagging up movement, and notifying you of goals missed or met to fuel strategy for your day ahead.

Historical SEO tracking

If a brand has appeared in the top 100 for a key term, we will already have data on them. What’s more, we store industry-specific insights which you can import into your account, for retrospective competitor analysis.

Bespoke SEO reporting

Conduct any level of analysis through a choice combination of reporting components, including external analytics integration, and build entirely personalised, daily, weekly, monthly and custom range SEO reports, focussing on any business asset.

200 times more data

We provide 200 times more data than other market leading SEO platforms – but data with a clear strategic focus – not just an overload of information. This data gives you a more realistic view of how visible you are to your customers, and helps you to ensure you’re always top of the mind.

Unlimited SEO competitor tracking

We give you the ability to track any domain and subdomain every day, meaning you can work through your competitors’ data with a fine comb to uncover new search opportunities.

Top 100 URL SEO tracking

Pi’s enterprise SEO platform tracks the top 100 URLs for any search term, in any given search engine, every day.

Multilingual SEO tracking

Request to track search terms in any language, across any location, via any search engine. With Pi Datametrics you have ultimate control over your data.

Pi Datametrics Organic Value Score

We’ve developed an organic value calculation based on live market data, to make sure you’re finding your most relevant keywords with the highest potential for conversion and ROI.

We know as well as you do that search volume isn’t the only indicating factor of keyword opportunity. That’s why we’ve created Pi’s organic value formula to average out all of the elements that determine a keyword’s intrinsic value and potential to convert; including CPC, competition value and search volume.

This gives you data with a clear strategic focus, meaning you can concentrate your efforts on positioning organically for search terms with true market value, and can, as a result, be more efficient with future PPC spend.

Pi Datametrics intuits your needs with crisis-averting, daily SEO tracking, meaning speedier reactivity and no downtime.

200x more data than other leading SEO platforms

Significantly increase traffic, identify market opportunities and drive sales globally with Pi