SEO data

We’ve been collecting daily, site-agnostic search data since 2004 to bring you global performance insight.

Monitor unlimited competitors in any search engine and language, every day.

Global visibility

Compare the visibility of key terms, search themes and competitors across nations with global tracking.

Google image tracking

Realise the power of image optimization for greater search presence, with Google image tracking.

Multi-device tracking

Discover the visibility of your assets across any device, and monitor your sites’ relative level of mobile optimization.

App store tracking

Know your ranking within Google app store across your key search terms, and compare relative share of voice against competitor apps.

Top 100 URL tracking

Pi’s enterprise SEO platform tracks the top 100 URLs for any search term, in any given search engine, every day.

YouTube SEO tracking

Get to grips with real YouTube SEO ranking factors and boost the visibility of any video or channel.

Multilingual SEO tracking

Observe the performance of your search terms in any global language, across any location.

Historical tracking

Store all of your data for retrospective analysis and view data on any brand that’s appeared within the top 100 for any term tracked in Pi.

200x more data than other leading SEO platforms

Significantly increase traffic, identify market opportunities and drive sales globally with Pi

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