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Get full search intelligence and performance data endpoints through our SI API

Pi Datametrics’ SEO API

We know sometimes you may want to use Pi’s search intelligence within your own products, reports or applications, so we’ve created a fluid and flexible API that enables you to crunch this data to your specific business needs.

What’s more, integrate Pi’s search intelligence into leading Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau, and access all of your insight in one centralized space; transfer performance of 1,000s of search terms and 1,000s of domains.

No more flitting between different sources; just seamlessly blended intelligence.

Pi’s API empowers you to:

  • Archive your own daily data for retrospective analysis
  • Compile reports and visualize your data
  • Create widgets, mobile apps, browser toolbars etc.
  • Embed Pi’s daily organic data into your site, software and overall marketing strategy

Pi Search Intelligence API Endpoints:

  • Organic Share of Voice
  • Full competitor domains
  • Monthly organic search volume API
  • Search trends over time
  • Top 100 ranking daily
  • And much more… just ask

Download API documentation.

Global corporations rely on our API to deliver ROI

Our customers use our API across a whole range of projects to streamline marketing strategy and achieve real ROI.

Search intelligence API support

We offer you technical integration support when setting up your API, so that you’re able to instantly access our wealth of comprehensive data.

Get in touch with our tech team to plug Pi Datametrics API to your platform.

Pi Datametrics SEO API

“We were very happy with the results and how this has freed up other areas of our marketing plan. The solution demonstrates the paid and organic working together, both driving performance.” Nick Smith Virgin Media

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