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Access your tailored data in one centralised place and visualise the performance of millions of searches within your own BI platforms, products, reports, tools and applications.

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Pi Datametrics search API
Pi Datametrics search API

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Use the Pi API in BI platforms such as Vizia, and see your brand performance across search alongside all other indicators of success; from social sentiment to share value on centrally controlled big screens.

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Pi Datametrics search API

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Analysts across content, equity and brand use our API

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Sport & Leisure

Blended search strategy

A major Sport & Leisure company connected Pi’s API with DoubleClick PPC bidding software, and achieved £40k direct cost savings over a three month period, by avoiding PPC overlap for keywords with high organic rankings.

Global Hedge Fund

Investment strategy

A global Hedge Fund needed multiple data points to give indicators on corporation value. Using three years of Pi’s search intelligence via the API, it evaluates a retailer's online assets alongside overall stock performance, to inform valuation models.

Pi Datametrics search API

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API User

Brand Manager,


“Pi’s API enables us to see the performance of thousands of competitor brand searches alongside our own and helps us inform strategic decisions.”

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Pi Datametrics search API


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Embed Pi’s organic data into your site, software and overall strategy

Whether you’re improving cost efficiencies or assessing market buoyancy, the Pi API gives you flexible access to the most comprehensive data on the market.

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