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Supercharge your retail pricing strategy with search and price intelligence

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Pricing insight like you’ve never seen it before…

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Price shifts
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Make the smartest pricing decisions

Know when, where and how to price your products for maximum efficiency

Pi PricePoint brings together Pi Datametrics’ search intelligence and Pricesearcher‘s unique data, to give you total visibility over the pricing and organic equity of hundreds of millions of products, across the world’s biggest online retailers and marketplaces.

Make smarter pricing decisions

Pi Datametrics four tracking frequencies
Pi Datametrics tracking efficiency

Get found for your most valuable products

Know your visibility across your entire product range

Consumers search by product. Make sure you’re found. Explore your quickest, most lucrative wins and optimise the right inventory, using fully integrated pricing and search data.

Optimise your pricing

Pi Datametrics tracking efficiency

Know every competitor across your product catalogue

Spend less time researching competitors, and more time honing strategy

Automatically find and detect retailers selling your exact same products across the web. Pi PricePoint eliminates the manual guesswork, giving you a complete view of the pricing and search visibility of every competitor in your space.

Know your competitors

Pi Datametrics four tracking frequencies
Pi Datametrics tracking efficiency

Make your most educated pricing decisions

From incremental pricing, to economies of scale – even loss-leading tactics

Get to grips with different pricing models, make intelligent assumptions about competitor supply and distribution channels, and upcycle the most intelligent strategies.

Build unbeatable tactics

Pi Datametrics tracking efficiency

Be your customer’s only choice

Get complete insight into how you size up in the eyes of your customer

From cheapest to most expensive, and everything in between, assess your pricing across your entire product portfolio and know the right products to discount or inflate, with Pi PricePoint. No other report gives you strategic pricing insight on this level.

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