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Turn your marketing data into meaningful business insights.

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Your global share of voice

Know the size and scope of your market

Commercial value, competition quality and share of market, even by sub-category. Find the insight that matters most to you, at the frequency you require.

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Search trends and SoV affect every department

Get organisational buy-in by fuelling the strategy of every department with Pi Mi.

  • M&A team
  • Trading & Commerce team
  • Merchandising & Branding team
  • Content team
  • PR / Social team
  • Digital team
  • And beyond...

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Mattias Bergehed

Head of SEO, LeoVegas

"We give Pi Market Intelligence reports to the New Markets team, M&A, and the C-suite. It’s already dictated our business strategy and increased share of market."

M&A team | Gambling | B2C | Global

Laura Fowler

Editor, CNTraveller.com

"As a result of Pi reports, we created a targeted landing page and less than an hour after publishing, it’s already bringing in massive amounts of traffic!"

Content team | Publishing | B2C | Global

Pi Datametrics search trend chart

Plan with confidence

Know your customer and emerging trends. Forecast with value.

Understanding value-led search trends lets you plan with accuracy across all areas of the business – even offline.

Know what and when potential customers are searching and help that direct a wider strategy. Retrospectively see the impact your campaign had on demand and performance aligned with your KPIs.
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Know your potential

See where you are, where you could be and how to get there

We give you a framework for measuring search value and share of market, not just volume, to show you your most lucrative opportunities.
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Pi market intelligence - share of voice

How can Market Intelligence work for you?

We work with a range of teams, across all different industries.

Here’s just a few examples of what Pi Market Intelligence enables them to do.

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Trade planning

The Ecommerce team at a major UK Retailer use Pi Market Intelligence within weekly executive level Trading reports, to inform Merchandising strategy.


New market opportunities

The Customer and Markets Insight team at a major Automotive dealership use Pi Market Intelligence to understand their market share, spot new opportunities and monitor competitors.

Pi Market intelligence - global search trend chart

Expand your global reach

Gauge intent in a market you’ve never stepped foot in

Assess new market opportunity and move forward as a business, using global Market Intelligence search trend data as your driving force.
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Pi Market intelligence - global search trend chart

Grow your share of voice. Grow your business.

Know your customer and future-proof every decision...

…With Pi Market Intelligence.

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