Large-scale tailored data snapshots

Delivered via an SEO rank tracking API, Tractor gives you ownership of big data, for you to analyse however you choose.

Using Tractor insights, you can:

  • Understand search term performance across global brands
  • Fuel global technical SEO audits
  • Review the performance of a large site migration
  • Inform content strategy with overall performance scores

And so much more…

Tractor collects big data on a one-time basis – over the course of either a week or a month.

During that time you can harvest the performance of up to 100,000 search terms.

Track with Tractor

The granular tracking found in Pi’s daily data is perfect for detailed analysis, but if you need a broader view of your search data, Tractor is for you.

With our API you can track:

  • Any brand (unlimited domains as standard at no extra cost)
  • Any search engine
  • Any country
  • Any language

Tractor gives you complete data autonomy, on a macro scale.

Deliver with Tractor

  • Identify which terms represent the largest proportion of your visibility
  • Use Tractor’s insightful performance data in audits and reports
  • Achieve affordable, large scale and global performance audits
  • Discover all of the search terms related to your chosen URLs
  • Present your data however you choose, via personal software or a third party API


Track up to 100,000 search terms with Tractor

Track the organic performance of up to 100,000 search terms over the course of either a week or a month with Tractor.

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