Use search trend data to inform your entire strategy

Our new search trend report enables you to plan, forecast and dictate strategy to improve the cost efficiency of your digital efforts.

We’ve focused on fashion retail as an example, but these commercial trend strategies can be applied to any business model, across any industry in both
UK and US markets.

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Read our new market intelligence report and strategy report to gain insights on:

  • Forecasting for repeat trends
  • Reacting to spontaneous trends
  • Focusing strategy on the most commercially valuable search themes
  • Measuring share of voice across valuable search themes
  • Long-term content strategies
  • Online / offline trading strategies
  • Fusing organic and paid strategies for capitalizing on peak demand

Google gives you trend data. We apply another layer.

We’ve taken Google Search Trend reports to the next level by factoring in competitive data, to help you formulate a new type of content strategy that is commercially valuable.

Market Performance Reports

The six types of search trend data

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"As a result of Pi Datametrics' market performance report, we created a targeted landing page – and, less than an hour after publishing, it’s already bringing in massive amounts of traffic from Flipboard alone! Thank you so much for the brilliant insight and recommendation." Laura Fowler Editor

Market Performance Reports

The six types of search trend data

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