Black Friday 2016: Market performance report

Black Friday is undoubtedly a brilliant retail opportunity, but it’s important to apply your own business intelligence to your data when looking to build a commercially viable Black Friday strategy.

Black Friday long-termism – The PIPR Strategy

Using search trend data, we have generated a formula which you can use to inform your long-term, seasonal strategies.

  • Plan early
  • Influence at the right time
  • Peak at the right time
  • Repeat – utilise last year’s page

Black Friday Deals trends content strategy

Identify the most valuable organic opportunities

google uk

google us
Using Pi Datametrics Gamma report, we have outlined the most valuable ‘Black Friday’ search terms with the greatest potential for conversion.

It’s not all about traffic.

In the UK, ‘Black Friday’ as a search term is only the fourth most valuable query within this space, despite having the highest search volume. There is more value in optimising for the term ‘Black Friday deals’ as it has a higher conversion rate.

To read more download the full report:

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