Back to school: Market performance report

The ‘Back to school’ period presents a great opportunity for retailers to capitalize on; It happens without fail every year, there’s always demand, and there’s proven like-for-like growth in online search and sales in this area – a theme which is set to continue this year. UK consumers were forecasted to spend £1.45bn on ‘Back to school’ in 2015.

Search behaviour: Google UK

Slide 2 - search


  • All ‘Back to school’ related terms are experiencing like-for-like growth
  • Online search in this sector is increasing year-on-year

The top 10 most valuable ‘Back to school’ terms

Using Pi Datametrics Gamma report we have outlined the most valuable ‘Back to school’ search terms. To do this we took into account:

Search Volume x Competition Value x CPC Bid.

Gamma report
By our analysis ‘School shoes’ is the most valuable search term.


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Back-to-school trends report
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