Market Performance Reports

We create each market performance report to help you determine valuable market opportunities, and focus on the most commercially viable data across your sector.

Sustainability report

In this report we explore the growth of sustainable searches, with a focus on sustainable products and fashion.

Voice search report

We take a deeper look into the huge growth in voice search, using new research from the University of Hertfordshire to highlight the opportunity it brings to all brands.

Food & beverages report

Is there a better use of Search intelligence data than discovering what we buy to eat and drink at Christmas? We have seen consistent upward YoY trends across two specific search categories.

Black Friday market report

With £1.4bn spent in 2017 online in the UK, the search opportunity around Black Friday is huge. How can retailers create an effective and lasting Black Friday strategy?

UK weather fashion report

Temperatures between January - June 2017 were 1.3 degrees higher than 2016. We look at what effect this had on consumer behaviour online in fashion retail.

UK fashion report

Online sales accounted for 24% of total fashion spend in 2017, and this percentage only stands to grow. See which high-street retailers are performing well online.

Global automotive report

The global automotive industry has grown by 56% in the last 7 years. We highlight the top performing brands and countries in search.

UK automotive report

The automotive market has seen a significant increase in searches as consumers begin to buy cars online. The market is changing and content needs to reflect this.

Integrating datasets report

We've teamed up with social listening experts Brandwatch to show you the value of integrating search and social datasets.

Retail: beauty market report

The 'Beauty' market has seen 76% search volume growth, with 203% value growth in 'Makeup' alone.

Financial services market report

The 'Financial services' market is dominated by three major players, who own 30% share of voice between them, across the most commercially valuable themes.

Travel: flights market report

The 'Travel: flights' market is dominated by two major players, who own 59.1% share of voice between them, across the most commercially valuable themes.

Retail: fashion market report

'Retail: fashion' has shown growth across every search theme year on year. Organic value and volume is significant, even in relatively quiet months.

Retail: home market report

'Retail: home' search volume has grown by 86% over the last two years. Discover top performers, the most valuable content and YOY search trends.

Insurance market report

The insurance sector is one of the most competitive online marketplaces. Discover top performers, the most valuable content and YOY search trends.

The six types of search trend data

We advise on strategic forecasting for repeat and spontaneous trends, using competitive search data. Use this intelligence to create an agile content strategy.

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