Market performance reports

We create each market performance report to help you determine valuable market opportunities, and focus on the most commercially viable data across your sector.

Travel flights share of voice report

The 'Travel: flights' market is dominated by two major players, who own 59.1% share of voice between them, across the most commercially valuable themes.

Retail fashion share of voice report

'Retail: fashion' has shown growth across every search theme year on year. Organic value and volume is significant, even in relatively quiet months.

Retail home share of voice report

'Retail: home' search volume has grown by 86% over the last two years. Discover top performers, the most valuable content and YOY search trends.

UK and US insurance share of voice report

The insurance sector is one of the most competitive online marketplaces. Discover top performers, the most valuable content and YOY search trends.

The six types of search trend data

We advise on strategic forecasting for repeat and spontaneous trends, using competitive search data. Use this intelligence to create an agile content strategy.

Sector report: Black Friday

Black Friday ecommerce sales are on the up every year, so it's never been more important to have a consolidated Black Friday marketing strategy.

Sector performance report: Gambling

The digital gambling sector is a billion pound industry, which is only set for future growth. We've discovered the top performers and best search term opportunities across the industry.

Sector performance report: Travel

We analyzed the digital travel landscape and discovered continued, like-for-like: sales, advertising, holiday, spend and search growth, across the board.

Sector report: Back to School

We’ve analyzed the search landscape in time for the ‘Back to school’ season, and discovered which retailers are best prepared for ecommerce sales, with year-round strategies.

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