Electrical Retail Market Leaders

Who dominated in Google US for Electrical retail last quarter?


1st place

amazon.com | 10% SoV


2nd place

bestbuy.com | 9% SoV


3rd place

apple.com | 8% SoV

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Electrical US | Q4 Leaderboard

Oct - Dec 2018

Pi Mi
Company Website Share of voice
31 Dec 2018
from October
1 amazon.com
2 bestbuy.com
3 apple.com
4 samsung.com
5 wikipedia.org
6 walmart.com
7 verizonwireless.com
8 google.com New entry
9 cnet.com
10 homedepot.com
11 t-mobile.com
12 target.com New entry

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Electricals US report

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Data analysed in the Leaderboard:

  • Sector

  • Search engine

    Google US
  • Categories

    Computing | Home appliances | Small appliances | Smart tech & phones | Sound & vision
  • Search terms

    12,011 of the most commercially valuable terms

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