Internal cannibalisation: The Daily Mail

We’ve analysed the effects of internal keyword cannibalisation on The Daily Mail’s World Cup Page.

Pi Datametrics facilitates the tracking and curation of this number one search issue.

Search term: World cup
Search engine: Google UK
Date range: 01 Feb 2014 – 10 June 2014


What is internal cannibalisation?

Internal keyword cannibalization occurs when two or more pages within a site compete on the same search term. The conflict occurs when there is duplicate theming and Google cannot determine which page should appear.

When does it occur?

We have seen internal keyword cannibalisation in almost every site. It usually happens for quite general terms which don’t have a (strong) landing page. Subpages can achieve greater prominence if Google’s not told to prioritise landing pages.

World cup example

The Daily Mail started with the right strategy: introducing a landing page and theming it around “World Cup”. However, the page was weak. Every new “World Cup” related article published usurped the weak landing page. In the eyes of Google, those article pages were stronger for “World Cup” than the landing page.

How Pi can help

No other SEO platform shows the impact of cannibalisation like Pi Datametrics does. Daily tracking of unlimited URLs and search terms means it’s simple to identify and remedy any cannibalisation issues.

If you think your site has been affected by internal keyword cannibalisation, book a demo to find out how Pi can help.


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internal keyword cannibalisation
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