Event Talks

From major digital marketing expo’s, to focussed summits, Pi crops up everywhere with some astounding SEO insight and some of digitals best kept secrets. Read the talks, view the slides and watch the videos to glean strategic intelligence on anything from site re-architecturing to international content conflict.

Canonical tags

Speaking at Brighton SEO in April 2016, Pi's CTO, Jon Earnshaw, focused on Waterstones as a case study example of how duplicate content is fast becoming a major issue in Ecommerce - especially for companies with multiple products, sold in multiple forms, across multiple retailers. See how Pi helped solved this problem with a canonical strategy.

Site migrations

We took our site migration talk on tour in 2016, focusing on the implications of poor SEO strategy on bottom line profits at Brighton SEO, Search Leeds and Technology for Marketing. Analyzing the performance of some huge corporations, we discovered who had lost millions in revenue as result of leaving SEO and digital strategy until the eleventh hour.


We’re forever trailblazing new ideas and digital solutions at Pi - and especially when it comes to content cannibalization. We’ve been on a mission, speaking at multiple events to educate the entire digital community in curing and preventing this number one search issue, which affects the performance of thousands of brands and agencies every day.

Stolen content

We’re committed to kneading out threats to digital performance, so when we spotted that some of our clients were in danger of losing presence and revenue in Google for their top-performing terms as a result of sites stealing their content, we decided to test the effects and share our very enlightening results with all the likeable folk at Brighton SEO.

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