Don’t be awesome! Just be alright at everything!

Zak Edwards | Managing Director | Prezzybox | 10:00am – 10:15am

Kicking off the day, Zak Edwards from Prezzybox took to the BrightonSEO Pi Datametrics stage to share his Ecommerce success secrets.

As you can probably guess from the title, Zak’s talk explores the merits of understanding all marketing disciplines to succeed in digital.

Zak Edward’s slides:

How to become a Digital Marketing Superhero…

Zak took us on a journey through the evolution of Prezzybox; from the early days when Digital Marketing was a dark art that no one really understood, with no rules, guidelines or authorities – a time when Zak was, in his own words, “Winging it” as a “Jack of all trades” marketer, to the present day where Prezzybox is managing 5000+ orders a day and owns the personalised gift market, with some pretty impressive SEO strategies.

Zak Edwards Brighton SEO talk - April 2017 - Don't be awesome! Just be alright at everything!

Avoid silos…

According to Zak, we all need to be “T-shaped”, “360 degree” marketers to ensure growth and success – and by that he means we need to be understanding every channel and avoiding silos – not pirouetting around, arms-akimbo, as first comes to mind.

Share knowledge…

We’re reminded of just that when Zak mentions the JC Penney SEO horror story. In 2011, the New York Times exposed JC Penney for their paid link-building activities. Had SEO knowledge been shared more freely within the business and across the industry, JC Penney may have avoided this complete SERP eradication and ultimate loss in revenue.

Use good technology…

Zak used Pi Datametrics to demonstrate his point about ‘Knowledge sharing’. In early March this year, Prezzybox lost visibility for a number of searches. However, in a matter of days they had managed to identify and remedy the issue with intelligent diagnostics, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Zak Edwards' Brighton SEO takeaways:

- Don't be awesome! Just be alright at everything!
- You can only be a Digital Marketing Superhero if you are alright at everything!
- Avoid silos! Be alright at everything!

Zak Edwards Managing Director, Prezzybox

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