What’s in store for Pi 2020?

In 2020 we’re updating our software to bring you broader analysis, and faster insight.

SERP feature report modules

Search Engines are rapidly expanding what returns in the SERPs. Within the context of this new landscape, it can be hard to know the true position of your content. 

At present, Pi users can analyse their performance in the rich features when exploring the SERP feature tools only – they are unable to report on their performance progress.

With this in mind, Pi has extended its reporting module to allow for SERP feature performance benchmarking. This means you’ll be able to report on your full visibility across the complete SERP landscape. 

CSV exports everywhere

We noticed many of our customers were moving data from the Pi Platform into Excel, compiling customer reports or performing extra analysis here. Pi offers a number of CSV exporting options for tables, but there aren’t currently options to export charts.

So we’re adding CSV exports on all charts within the platform, allowing users to export the compiled data that creates each chart.

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Upgrade Competitor Discovery

Our Competitor Discovery currently analyses classic rankings on Daily, Weekly, and Monthly workspaces. Already a very powerful tool, we’re now going to enable Hyper Graph and SERP Feature filtering options. 

This will allow users to discover where their competitors are performing in rich SERP features. 

Upgrade Market Intelligence

Pi’s Market Intelligence tool, showing users market share of voice and emerging search trends, has previously revealed share of voice across ‘Classic links’ only. Imagine being able to run share of voice for all Google’s rich SERP features, i.e. ‘Top Stories’, ‘Answer cards’, etc.

We’re upgrading Market Intelligence to give users modern search engine insights, by enabling Hyper Graph and SERP Feature filtering optionn

Upgrade Visibility Index

Visibility index is a crucial benchmarking and aggregate tool in Pi, but it currently only accepts classic ranks to score against. 

We’re upgrading the Visibility Index to accept Hyper Graph and allow users to benchmark their entire search engine ecosystem.

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