Best practice SEO and PPC synergy

Many businesses view PPC and SEO as separate disciplines, and organise them as such: creating disconnected internal teams and agencies that fight over last-click conversions.

At Pi, we champion a holistic approach to search, and help you to dominate the largest amount of real estate in the search engines, in the most commercially efficient way.

Project support: SEO and PPC synergy

Why you need an SEO and PPC search strategy

A comprehensive blended attribution strategy will allow you to:

  • Save budget 
    Make cost savings by refraining from bidding on terms that you position highly for organically (e.g. brand exact match). Instead bid on long term, highly converting, and acquisition terms.
  • Improve traffic quality 
    Your PPC may look less efficient in terms of ROI in isolation, however if you look at your combined ROI from PPC and SEO, you will be getting more, better quality traffic, for a lower cost.

The Pi Platform enables you to:

  • Identify which terms you are ranking well for
  • View live market data for any search term and discover which (high value) PPC terms would be most beneficial to rank for organically
  • Setup daily SEO movement alerts flagging up positive and negative movement
  • Use the Pi API to integrate ranking data into your PPC bidding platform

It’s no secret that search engine rankings are highly volatile and sensitive to change.

Your website could lose vital search presence overnight off the back of an algorithm update or site migration, if a contingency plan isn’t set in place.

As one of your most critical assets, your website needs to stay forever visible to ensure consistent traffic and conversions.

How Pi can help you

We work with you to establish a foolproof blended attribution strategy, whereby a tactical PPC bid will be immediately actioned if your site should fall out of the organic conversion zone for a high value search term.

“Pi Datametrics has provided Virgin Active with invaluable insight into Google keyword positioning and movement of those keywords over time. This has been a key tool in driving alignment between PPC and SEO; encouraging a more holistic search strategy.”
Anne Tulloch Virgin Active