Best practice migration strategy

Your business’ website is one of its most valuable assets. Our site migration strategy is designed to preserve that value throughout website re-builds, re-platforms and other similar projects. This combined with the data and insights from the Pi platform means you can achieve the best possible foundation for enhanced performance and continued growth.

  • Protect your investment
    You’ve invested in your website and need to demonstrate continued returns. Our migration strategy ensures that your site continues to perform and grow.
  • Preserve legacy SEO value
    Don’t lose the value of hard-won rankings , backlinks and social media activity. We can help make sure as much value as possible is retained.

Project support: Site migrations

Do I need a Migration Strategy?

Successful migration is one of the most critical elements in any project that involves changes to your website architecture, including rebuilds, restructuring, domain moves, etc.

Our migration strategy ensures that your customers and prospects continue to reach the content they’re looking for, and that your search engine rankings are preserved.

What’s involved in a migration?

  • SEO data collection and analysis
    The Pi platform collects the data needed to efficiently map existing website content to new URLs. This data also serves as a performance benchmark and a vital resource in post-migration testing and error correction.
  • Planning
    Our technical SEO engineers map redirects for all existing content, highlighting opportunities for efficient programmatic solutions where appropriate. We also provide an accompanying execution plan detailing migration best practice, and highlighting risks and mitigations.
  • Set-up, testing and migration reporting
    We’ll work with you to ensure everything’s in place for a successful migration and provide post-migration testing and issue reporting. Pi Datametrics also offers daily tracking, making any negative SERP movement instantly detectable.

We work with you to plan, conduct and audit your site migration, using the following tools:

Historical tracking

Pi’s ability to track data retrospectively is intrinsic to measuring the success of a site migration. We work with you to benchmark current performance against past visibility to determine whether your project is meeting expectation.

Daily tracking

Daily tracking really is imperative to monitoring the impact of a site migration. Pi provides 24/7 visibility so that we can instantly tell whether your site’s rankings are stabilising post-migration – weekly tracking only shows true site performance for one out of 7 days.

Daily movement alerts

We set up daily SEO alerts to both your inbox and ours (highlighting positive and negative URL movement), so that we can work with you to consistently track the performance of your site migration and undertake immediate damage limitation if needed.

Site agnostic tracking

Using Pi, we work with you to monitor every area of your site – including domains, subdomains and folders. We track the top 100 URLs in any search engine, both pre- and post-migration, to provide a true overview of comparative performance.

API data archiving and auditing

We backup your ranking data using Pi’s SEO API, for archiving and contingency planning purposes. We can also give you the option to conduct big data audits over the duration of a migration with Pi’s organic, scalable data harvesting feature: Tractor.

“The Pi team engaged with and gained the confidence of editorial, tech and senior management throughout the site migration process. The result was we lost no ground in the SERPs for our business critical terms. In fact many of them improved.”
Head of Digital Delivery Sky Entertainment Marketing