Electrical Leaderboard

Who dominated in Google UK for Electrical retail in Q2 2020? Some of the data you see this quarter may look different to last quarter. That’s because we are now tracking not just classic search rankings, but all SERP Feature rankings too!


1st place

google.com | 5% SoV


2nd place

fitbit.com | 4% SoV


3rd place

currys.co.uk | 3% SoV

Electrical UK | Q2 Leaderboard

Apr - Jun 2020

Pi Mi
Company Website Share of voice
30 Jun 2020
from previous quarter
1 google.com
2 fitbit.com
3 currys.co.uk
4 amazon.co.uk
5 argos.co.uk
6 techradar.com
7 youtube.com
8 gopro.com
9 samsung.com
10 xbox.com
11 wikipedia.org
12 pcmag.com New entry
13 apple.com
14 huawei.com
15 ao.com New entry
16 amazon.com
17 nintendo.co.uk
18 gsmarena.com
19 game.co.uk New entry
20 twitter.com New entry

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Data analysed in the Leaderboard:

  • Sector

  • Search engine

    Google UK
  • Categories

    Computing | Home appliances | Small appliances | Smart tech & phones | Sound & vision
  • Search terms

    12,011 of the most commercially valuable terms
  • Search volume

    178m (Q2 Sample search volume)
  • Number of sites


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