The rise of challenger banks in search

Analysing the top performing traditional and challenger banks online, our new report explores how our banking behaviour is changing.

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Are challenger banks a threat to traditional banks?

A number of changes in the modern world are altering our behaviour towards, and relationship with, our money.

New fintech and challenger banks, that embrace the digital world, are offering an alternative to traditional financial infrastructures. They’ve been growing in public consciousness, and this is directly reflected in their search growth.


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Challenger bank report takeaways:

  • Monzo, Starling and Revolut are the biggest growing challenger between Jan 2016 – Jan 2018
  • Revolut the most searched challenger bank between 2016 – 2018
  • Halifax dropped 22% in search from 2016 – 2018

All of the data featured in this report is taken from Pi Market Intelligence.

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