Black Friday strategy report

In this report, we explore the importance of search data in creating a Black Friday retail strategy.

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6 steps to a successful Black Friday marketing strategy

With £2.2bn spent in the UK online on Black Friday, there is more retail opportunity to be had on this single day than at any other time of year.

We’ve identified 6 steps to creating a digital marketing strategy for Black Friday success, looking at the most valuable search trends, who best to partner with and the importance of longevity.

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In this strategy report you’ll discover:

  • Top performers in the lead up to Black Friday (2018)
  • Who dominates throughout the year
  • Most valuable retail categories
  • Most valuable search term combinations
  • How retailers can plan a successful Black Friday strategy

All of the data featured in this strategy report is taken from Pi Market Intelligence.

Laura Fowler


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As a result of Pi reports, we created a targeted landing page and less than an hour after publishing, it’s already bringing in massive amounts of traffic

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