UK automotive industry growth online

In this report, we explore UK trends and brand penetration online in the automotive industry.

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UK automotive industry growth

Consumers are now ready to purchase cars online, and the desire to do so is only growing.

A variety of players (comparison, publishing, manufacturer and classified sites) are increasing the competitiveness of this online market, and demand is growing across the whole sector, for every type of car. Are brands doing enough to fulfil this demand?

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In this report you’ll discover:

  • The most valuable terms search terms
  • Which publications, comparison sites and classifieds have the highest share of voice across millions of UK search terms
  • Which brand is searched the most
  • Brand performance

All of the data featured in this report is taken from Pi Market Intelligence.

Mattias Bergehed

Head of Performance, LeoVegas,

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Pi reports have a secret ingredient: Organic Value Score. This gave us complete clarity over commercial opportunity, and was critical in our acquisition of Rocket X.

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