Lady Gaga: Queen of Social Media

By annie, Jul 12th, 2010

Lady Gaga, like her or not, has achieved an amazing amount of recognition across the globe, both online and offline. One would have to say that Gaga’s presence in social media is key to the ‘Gaga phenomena’.   Styling herself as a brand has proved bountiful for Lady Gaga and much like any brand, Gaga needs the right the promotion and as we can see she clearly has it. Here are some facts to show you just exactly how successful Lady Gaga’s online marketing really is:

Lady Gaga: More Than Just Downloads

  • Lady  Gaga has sold an ever increasing  15 million albums and 40 million singles and countless Lady Gaga downloads are completed worldwide.
  • Lady Gaga is the first living person to achieve 10 million fans on Facebook, which has grown by a  further 2 million in a fortnight
  • Gaga has nearly 5 million followers on Twitter
  • Currently and globally, on Google, ‘Lady Gaga’ is searched 151,000,000 times a month
  • Gaga is the first currently producing music artist to reach one billion YouTube views, based on data provided by video analytics company Visible Measures
  • Gaga is a huge hit on Vevo and YouTube. YouTube and Universal’s joint venture music video site Vevo attracted 35 million unique visitors in its first month of but apparently one-fourth of those visitors were for Lady Gaga, although this was greatly helped with Vevo’s affiliation to Youtube
  • Gaga led’s charts as the most listened-to artist of 2009, with 18 million hits, 6 million more than The Killers who were in second place
  • A Facebook group of more than 100,000 people initiated National Lady Gaga Day on January 29th 2010
  • If you type in ‘Telephone’ on google instead of seeing endless results on communications devices as you would expect  the top 10 results are 5 of pertain to Gaga and Beyonce’s video hit ‘telephone’, comparably Katy Perry has a video called Fingerprints, type this into Google you get only one result
  • As we can see below ‘Lady Gaga’ is  consistently one of the top searched contemporary figures. Searches for Ronaldo and Michael Jackson, peak respectively during the World Cup and the anniversary of Jackson’s death, however ‘Lady Gaga’ as a search term consistently outshines them all


What are the reasons for Lady Gaga’s ever growing fame and success in the world of Social Media?

Lady Gaga as a Brand

Reasons cited are comparable to Madonna’s early and continuing success:

  • Madonna was a marketing tour de force and trademarked her own name extremely early in her career, thereby establishing herself as a brand, much like Lady Gaga has done.  This recognition of themselves as brands has proved integral to their success.
  • Both Women maintain control over all aspects of their image, music and management
  • Both Madonna and Lady Gaga have relied on chameleon-esque images, readily packaging themselves as something to be idolised and followed
  • Gaga and Madonna alongside many other rock/pop stars have utilised controversy both with their image and actions. For example, both Gaga and Madonna used religious iconography in their videos, which has played a great role in creating discussion, therefore brand awareness and in turn record sales

Facebook and Twitter Success

  • Gaga’s constant engagement with fans on Facebook and Twitter creates a feeling of ‘friendship’ which is reinforced by pet-naming her fans, “Monsters” thereby familiarising them and creating a definite loyalty to her brand

  • She named her second album “Fame Monsters” in tribute to her fans thereby further compounding her brand loyalty
  • Gaga is so popular in social networks such as Facebook because the greatest source of Lady Gaga content is Gaga herself. She will tell fans anything worth knowing first.
  • Before Lady Gaga premiers any of her videos she uses her Twitter and Facebook accounts to tease all her fans with photos and clues, creating the feeling that they are receiving something exclusively

Lady Gaga: A Youtube Phenomenon

  • With 1 billion YouTube video views Lady Gaga is doing something right.
  • Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter said that he and Gaga, “create music videos for YouTube”, and that “GaGa is a digital baby… There can’t be any layers between the artists and their fans.”
  • Others speculate that Gaga understands the global nature of the internet, that social media is created by an international community and therefore she has deliberately written her songs to be simple to sing to in any language, with videos that appeal to any age gender or nationality.
  • By creating a new, enticing and immersive story world, with each video, Lady Gaga has made sure that each new release is a different package to any other, her audience does not get bored.
  • According to the Wall Street Journal, Gaga is wisely doing what is called, a 360 deal, “in which a label invests more money up front, for marketing, for example, in exchange for a piece of merchandise sales, touring revenue and other earnings that artists had long kept for themselves”.
  • Gaga’s video’s also feature product placements, but her record label is quick to point out that most money does not come from video and record sales revenues, it comes from concert tickets. Understanding that marketing the Lady Gaga brand in order to achieve concert sales and endorsements is key to her success and utilising every avenue of social media marketing possible has proved bountiful for this one woman brand.

Lady Gaga – Telephone ft. Beyoncé Video

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