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Fuel your strategy with daily data, enterprise SEO software and expert advice from our industry specialists. Our data analysts use Pi Datametrics to monitor sector performance across the entire search landscape. They regularly discover opportunities for improved visibility and highlight emerging trends across key industries. To get these insights straight to your inbox…

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Keep on top of SEO industry news and find out who’s winning across key sectors, including retail, finance and travel, with Pi’s insight reports…

The six types of search trend data

We advise on strategic forecasting for seasonal, evergreen and spontaneous trends, using organic search data. Learn how to improve agility and efficiency by capitalizing on demand in time for peak purchase.

Sector report: Black Friday

Black Friday ecommerce sales are on the up every year, so it's never been more important to have a consolidated Black Friday marketing strategy.

Sector performance report: Gambling

The digital gambling sector is a billion pound industry, which is only set for future growth. We've discovered the top performers and best search term opportunities across the industry.

Sector performance report: Travel

We analysed the digital travel landscape and discovered continued, like-for-like: sales, advertising, holiday, spend and search growth, across the board.

Sector report: Back to School

We’ve analysed the search landscape in time for the ‘Back to school’ season, and discovered which retailers are best prepared for ecommerce sales, with year-round strategies.

Travel sector

We had a look at what happens when a family of global sites conflict with each other. This accommodation site suffered from severe flux in Google, as its UK and US TLDs conflicted.

The Daily Mail

We analysed the effects of internal keyword cannibalisation on The Daily Mail’s World Cup Page. Pi Datametrics facilitates the tracking and curation of this number one search issue.

Pi vs Econsultancy

We analysed the effects of stolen content on performance through in-depth testing, and found that content thieves can prosper in Google, while victims lose visibility significantly.

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