Software for agencies

We’re already servicing some of the world’s biggest SEO, content and media agencies, but we also work with small to medium sized teams to provide every client with the best SEO tools available.

Whatever your size, we’ll have a service that’s right for you.

Supporting Agencies

We’ve worked with agencies for over a decade, so we know how hard it can be to act as the critical link for so many clients and teams, especially when you’re time-poor and the stakes are high.

In fact, we recognized this from the very beginning, and it informed the way we designed our platform.

Share data access, discover SEO insights and develop client communication, with:

  • Unlimited agency account access: Give any colleague or client access to their own bespoke dashboard
  • Insight tagging: Immediately alert clients and teams to positive or negative organic performance
  • Insight subscription: Keep up to date with the latest client performance developments
  • Insight commenting: Provide strategic recommendations and guidance based on client performance

Agency platform pricing

At Pi, we offer flexible pricing options based on number of projects or overall data allocation. What’s more, Pi’s SEO platform for agencies provides 200 times more data than other leading SEO platforms, giving you the ability to achieve significant economies-of-scale across your client portfolio. Find out more about Pi Datametrics pricing here.

Agency account management

We give you a dedicated Account Manager and full access to the support team when you come on board. Your Account Manager will provide both you and your client’s with full up-front training, and will visit you on a regular basis to discuss:

  • Strategy and collaboration
  • Risk mitigation
  • New clients
  • Platform support
  • Reporting
  • Product updates
  • Refreshment training

Pitching accounts for agencies

As an agency, you’ll have access to your own separate pitch account for the purpose of generating new business. This will give you extra space to collect tailored, industry sector data and unique insights, to support your pitches. Your account can be set-up by your Account Manager as part of any partner agreement.

Support for agencies

Pi’s enterprise SEO platform delivers daily insight and flexible solutions to all different kinds of agencies. Find out how we could work with you to optimise traffic, sales and ROI online.

Media agencies

If you’re a media agency, Pi Datametrics can enable you to run PPC strategies for major clients, track the performance of client assets globally, and conduct thorough, custom reporting across any brand.

Creative agencies

If you’re focussing on website building or creating client campaigns as a creative agency, you can leverage the data in Pi to inform strategy for competitor discoveries and site migrations, as well as show critical improvements in search performance via SEO reporting.

Content agencies

As a content agency, prove the value of your work to your clients with thorough content diagnostics and visibility analytics, identify new content opportunities with backlink discovery, and undertake comprehensive competitor profiling, with the ability to track the performance of unlimited domains, daily.

Digital marketing agencies

As a Digital Marketing Agency managing a large roster of clients, create compound indexes to filter your portfolio by location, client and asset. What’s more, give your customer the cross-platform visibility they deserve, with YouTube tracking, mobile tracking and global performance tracking.

SEO agencies

Ensure your status as SEO specialists, by immediately spotting and kneading out threats to client performance with Pi’s daily alerts and unlimited domain tracking features.

Pi's SEO platform for agencies

Pi’s SEO platform for agencies provides 200 times more data than other leading SEO platforms, giving you the ability to achieve significant economies-of-scale across your client portfolio.

The data-driven enterprise SEO platform

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