Virgin Active

The Client

With over 270 clubs in 10 countries, Virgin Active is one of the biggest gym and spa franchises in the world and manages £950m of assets globally. For the last two years Virgin Active has worked with TMI and Pi Datametrics to build a strong blended attribution strategy.

The Challenge

PPC and SEO as specialities are historically handled by separate agencies, with different reporting silos and strained relationships, as each fight over their share of last-click conversions.

Using Pi Datametrics alerts function, TMI flagged up an organic loss of visibility - specifically a drop below the fold for an abundance of Virgin Active’s most popular search terms. Further investigation showed that this was due to Internal Cannibalisation, i.e. multiple pages competing for the same term.

The Solution

Using Pi Datametrics, TMI and Virgin Active proved that increased coordination and transparency between SEO and PPC ultimately delivers incremental traffic.

Pi Datametrics empowered both TMI and Virgin Active to:

Set-up an automated, blended attribution strategy; separating keyword data into SEO and PPC

Monitor organic positions daily and apply tactical, contingency PPC

Implement SEO recommendations to rectify organic visibility loss

Following post-organic uplift, remove PPC coverage for this term to avoid overlap

The Results

The result was consistent, uninterrupted above-the-fold presence in Google for multiple popular search terms, through the utilisation of non-overlapping paid and organic doorways, to maintain overall visibility.

Pi Datametrics SEO success story: Virgin Active

“Pi Datametrics has provided Virgin Active with invaluable insight into Google keyword positioning and movement of those keywords over time. This has been a key tool in driving alignment between PPC and SEO; encouraging a more holistic search strategy.” Anne Tulloch, Virgin Active

“This is a great example of cross-collaboration, backed with advanced tech from DoubleClick and Pi Datametrics, to uncover significant efficiencies for clients.” Manuel Berndorfler, Director of Search, TMI

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