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We’ve been meticulously harvesting our own search data since 2004, and have helped hundreds of global organisations level-up to industry leader status with our comprehensive solutions. We now have seven global offices, and are only set for further growth and expansion.

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Pi Datametrics: Revolutionising SEO with global data since 2004

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Our story

The Pi Datametrics platform may have been established in 2013, but the Pi team has been around for a lot longer. In fact, we’ve been painstakingly collecting our own data since 2004 – which is when we first formed, from a cosy, charity-funded office in the Laines of Brighton.

2007 saw us take on some major FTSE 100, Dow Jones and CAC listed customers, following the launch of our parent company, Intelligent Positioning.

During this time we worked tirelessly with our customers to identify what they really needed to be able to make clear-cut ROI online. From a process of close-listening, we gradually built our enterprise SEO platform Pi Datametrics, and the rest is history.

Today we work with major brands, have multiple offices across the globe, and have received considerable, and repeated investment to fuel our rapid growth and expansion.

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We have offices in Brighton, London, New York and Hyderabad

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Search Manager, Hobbycraft

Pi has helped us achieve a 36% increase in organic traffic YoY.

Director, Harrods

With the help of Pi, our Christmas hamper campaign in search exceeded expectations.

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